Meet John


“I am strengthening connections within the entrepreneur community by making the small businesses relevant and empowered with knowledge”!

Meet John Frazier

Entrepreneur Advocate, Small Business Thought Leader, Media Host, Business Strategist & Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Growth Hacker, Author and Speaker who life’s devotion is to help our small business and entrepreneurial community.

“I believe we were all born to succeed. You have an inner greatness that is just wanting to emerge. Look within yourself and decide that you are in charge of your destiny. I believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently. The days of knowledge and resources for small businesses being filtered for what ever reason is antiquated and distorts success, affecting the most important segment of our economy. I challenge that status quo by making small businesses relevant, heard, and empowered with knowledge.

The term entrepreneur has been hijacked as a Silicon Valley narrative

“The term entrepreneur has been hijacked as a Silicon Valley narrative. There is a lot of misinformation and popular myths for what it takes to run a small business and what’s required to become a successful  entrepreneur. Using a Mark Zuckerberg yardstick to measure your own success is a mistake as you should make it personal based on your own passions.”

30 Years of Entrepreneurship


His colorful professional career includes spending 14 years as the CEO of an investment banking firm specializing in small business lending with hundreds of small business clients throughout southeast Texas; and known in the entertainment industry as a multi-award winning director/producer, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and named as one of the Top 100 Producers in America for 2002. But just like many entrepreneurs, his life of successes included epic failures; but, that’s what kept him grounded, evolving & focused, realizing it all was necessary stepping stones to achieving his dreams.

In June 1992, John was given the SBA District Director’s Award for Development of (HELP) Harris County Entrepreneur Loan Program, used sbaawardas a model for the U.S. Micro Loan Program.

While John attributes much of his entrepreneurial spirit and love for small businesses to being raised by an entrepreneurial mother, his deepest influences include a variety of incredible people with whom he has crossed paths in his life’s journey. This includes people like Tony Robbins, Gordon Bethune, Traver Kennedy-Gruen, Bob Hope, Willie Nelson, Don Dwyer, Deepak Chopra, Mickey Gilley, Michael Dell, and General Carl W. Stiner, just to name a few.

NBC News Talk Radio Show, BizBuzz Florida, Became a Game Changer

John is commonly known as “America’s Entrepreneur Advocate,” coined by one of his talk show guest because of his relentless personal mission to help the entrepreneurial and small business community. His NBC News talk radio show, BizBuzz Florida, became a game changer, hailed as “a mentoring program on steroids” for startup and growing small businesses. Spotlighting small businesses leaders, John covers issues that hit home, your pocket and your small business to empower dreams and spark success!”  See more on BizBuzz Florida Here.

Named 2014 & 2015 Top 100 Small Business Influencer Champions in North America

For two years in a row, Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trend’s SMB Influencer Awards honored John as one of the Top 100 Small Business Influencer Champions in North America for 2014 and 2015. The Awards are designed to recognize the unsung heroes of small businesses – those who support and encourage entrepreneurs and small business owners, and help them achieve success and stay successful.

A Supporter of Our U.S. Troops

August 2015, a recent trip to Fort Benning Georgia, Airborne School attending a 2nd Generation Ceremony.  John is a supporter of our troops and advocates that our veterans have access to capital & entrepreneurial opportunities for separating or retiring military members. To recognize the impact of veteran owned businesses on our nation’s economy, the President has declared November 3-7 the first ever National Veterans Small Business Week as they continue to serve our country by contributing to the local economy as business owners.

Frequent Guest & Pundit for Blogs, Podcasts, TV and Radio Shows

John loves to frequent as a guest for blogs, podcasts, TV and radio shows sharing his insight on some of the hottest small business and entrepreneur topics. He is a social media thought leader ranked in the top 5% of social media influencers worldwide on the topics, #Entrepreneur, #Small Business, #Startups, and #Growthhacking.

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“John, thank you so much…….. would love to feature your voice on HuffPost”

Arianna Huffington

The Huffington Post

“Within 30 minutes of speaking with John, I knew he was one of the deepest business thinkers I’ve ever met. His vast and diverse background guided by his sincerity will surely serve any small business owner who is just getting started or who is tired of being stuck and ready to break free. John, you rock!”

David Jehlen

Amplified Podcast, Tampa Bay, FL

“It was an absolute thrill to have john on the show, I love the passion he exudes as he advocates for the small business owner and the entrepreneur!”

Joe Quarucci

Radio Host, 1340 AM Talk Radio, Senior Partner, e3 Consultants, Austin, TX

“I was so honored to interview John Frazier on our “She Means Business” podcast. He was engaging and informative. His advice for female entrepreneurs was spot-on! To date, it’s been one of the most downloaded episodes.”

Felena Hanson

Founder, Hera Hub, San Diego, CA

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